BOBCAT E35 Excavator

The Bobcat E35 is a 3800kg excavator and can handle big jobs in tight quarters. It features minimal tail swing and can work close to fences and buildings. It can easily travel and manoeuvre over established lawns without sinking, fit into tight jobsites and cross sensitive surfaces with a compact size and low ground pressure.

A small black and white excavator is parked
A bobcat t 5 9 0 with its bucket on the ground.

BOBCAT T590 Track Loader

The Bobcat T590 track loader is our go-to machine for moving fill and road base. It makes quick work of big jobs: moving 500kg of material at a time, it is capable of shifting some serious dirt! It is ideal for grading, and won't sink into the ground due to its minimal track pressure (less damaging to lawn areas).

HINO 500 Tipper

The HINO 500 Tipper is your reliable medium-sized truck, capable of carrying up to 5.5 tonnes of material. Its versatile design allows it to access various sites and backyards, making it perfect for delivering materials, removing fill and plants, and transporting landscaping supplies. 

A white truck is parked in front of some green and red lines.
A small white and red tractor parked on top of a dirt field.

Experience Efficiency and Reliability

With our professional equipment fleet, we ensure that your projects are completed efficiently and reliably. Whether you're working on landscaping, construction, or any other project, you can trust our equipment to deliver exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more about how our equipment can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.